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The future of the construction industry.

Over the past years, the Environmental Protection Agency has put in many restrictions that reduce the use of diesel in construction, particularly in limiting the level of emissions they are permitted to release during use.

In response to these restrictions the plant machinery industry has seen a move towards electric and eco-friendly alternatives that are no less powerful or productive than the traditional diesel models on which they are based.

Advantages of electric plant machinery.

There are many advantages of working with electric plant machinery rather than their diesel alternatives.


The main advantage is that electric machines produce zero emissions, which is a definite step in the right direction in working towards the UKGBC’s target of Net-Zero carbon emissions in the construction industry by 2050.

Reduced noise pollution

Due to the greatly reduced noise, another benefit of electric machinery is that they are much better for the health of the operators when working in enclosed internal spaces and in addition workers can hear external noise and communicate with co-workers.

Cheaper running costs

Reduced cost is also an important advantage. Each charge of a battery powered machine is much cheaper than filling up a diesel alternative, leading to reduced day-to-day project costs.

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TVE sells electric machinery in the South of England, including:
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